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2017 Ladd Discovery Award Announced

Award given for compassion, character and curiosity
March 16, 2017 - Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School today announced that seventh grade student Tristan Fox of Saratoga is the recipient of its 2017 Geoffrey Andrew Ladd Discovery Award.

The Geoffrey Andrew Ladd Discovery Award is given annually to a sixth or seventh grader in recognition of the student’s citizenship, civility, compassion, venturesome curiosity and passion for discovery. The Award provides for a travel experience to Australia for the student and a parent or guardian.

“Tristan is incredibly deserving of the Discovery Award. He models great character and is always trying to make a positive difference for his peers and the school,” said Head of School Erik Carlson. “It makes me proud that the school’s highest honor is one for good character and curiosity.”

(l-r) Geoffrey's mother Carol, Tristan, Geoffrey's sister, Monique, and her son, Gus.
An except from one of Tristan’s nominations reads, “Tristan is a person of character and values thinking of others before self. He models compassion, support, kindness, caring and understanding while being a quiet leader, which is demonstrated daily. His peers respect Tristan for they know he stands for fair play, giving and sensitivity.”

Tristan was nominated by several members of the faculty and staff, and selected by a committee comprised of Geoffrey’s family, Geoffrey’s former teachers and administrators. A second nomination noted that, “Tristan is engaged, inquisitive, and eager to help teachers and other students. He is also one of the most authentically kind students I’ve had the pleasure of teaching.”

Tristan, along with three classmates, was also recognized recently for his creativity and teamwork by having his 90-second film adaptation of The Crossover selected for screening at this year’s 90-Second Newbery Film Festival by author, and festival creator, James Kennedy (The Order of Odd Fish).

The Discovery Award was established in memory of Geoffrey Andrew Ladd, a Saint Andrew’s student from 1987 to1995. The Discovery Award was inspired by Geoffrey’s exceptional citizenship, his sensitivity to fellow students and teachers alike, his inquisitive nature, and his eagerness to learn about the world through travel and exploration with his family.

During a chapel ceremony and reception, Tristan received a personalized travel journal and will be the ceremonial keeper of a didgeridoo that has been passed down each year by the award recipient. The trip to Australia will allow Tristan to gain an understanding of the people, culture, history, and natural environment of the country. He will have the opportunity to spend a few days at The King’s School in North Parramatta to meet and study with boys his age. Upon his return, Tristan will share what he learned and experienced with his classmates as part of the school’s Australia Week activities.


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