After School Programs
Saint Andrew's Episcopal School

After School Enrichment Programs

Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School hasAfter School Program partnered with industry leading organizations to offer a robust menu of optional after school activities that complement our academic program and further our mission to educate the whole child.  Students can choose from a variety of challenging and unique enrichment activities taught by professional instructors without ever leaving campus.
For more information about any of our after school enrichment opportunities, please contact After School Activities Director Chris Scott (Saint Andrew's also offers child care before school and on certain days when school is not in session.)
All Sports Legarza Winter Camp (PreK-4th Grade)   Wednesday
Legarza Basketball (PreK-2) (3rd-4th Grade)           Friday PreK-2     Tuesday 3rd & 4th 
Break Dancing (PreK-8th Grade)                             Thursday
Academicare Institute Chess (PreK-8th Grade)        Tuesday
Let's Learn Chinese Together (PreK-4th Grade)       Wednesday and Friday 
Communication Academy (2nd-4th Grade) (5th-8th Grade)    Tuesday
Culinary Class (K-8th Grade)    Thursday
Engineering for Kids (PreK-5th Grade)        Wednesday
Fierce Basketball (2nd-5th and 6th-8th)    Monday- Spring session 
Fun with Gadgets (PreK-4th Grade)      Not returning
Girls On The Run (3rd-5th Grade)    Monday &Thursday Spring session only
The Green Room - Theatre & Dance (PreK-8th Grade)            Monday
Guitar - Private Lessons (PreK-8th Grade)    Changing to Violin Friday
High School Test Prep - SASO (8th Grade)    Tuesday
Kids Carpentry (PreK-5th Grade) Tuesday
Lacrosse (K-8th Grade) Pending
LEGOs Engineering Camp (K-8th Grades)
LEGO Robotics with Mr. Pardue (6th-8th Grade) Not Returning
Mad Science (PreK-6th Grade) Not Returning
Magic with Mrs. Gwynne (PreK-8th Grade) Not Returning
Marvegos Fine Art (Ages 4 to 1st Grade) (2nd-8th Grade) Tuesday
Math Olympiad (4th-8th Grades) Pending
Private Piano Lessons (PreK-8th Grade) Tuesday or Wednesday classes
Smash Gym Self Defense Class (PreK-8th Grade) Pending
Tennis by Higgins (K-4th Grade)
TGA Premier Golf (PreK-8th Grade)
World Cup Soccer (K-4th Grade)      Monday
Young Music Producers - Basic Training (4th-8th Grade) Advanced class (4th-8th to be determined by instructors)  Tuesday
As additional programs become available, they will be announced to the parent community.
We'll be hosting a Program Fair the evening of Lower School Back to School Night to introduce the instructors and vendors to the community.

Study Hall
In addition to our enrichment classes and clubs, teacher-directed study hall is open each afternoon for both Lower School and Middle School students.  Study Hall provides a quiet environment conducive to studying. Teachers are available to help those students in need of assistance. Study hall is open from 3:20PM until 6:00PM.

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