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Athletics Permission Form

The purpose of our athletic programs is to teach every athlete how to play their chosen sport to the best of their ability. We will also teach about teamwork, discipline, and commitment. In our athletic programs there is a no-cut policy, which means that every player that signs up is on the team. The Morning Running Club is for students that like to run, but do not want to compete in the meets.
All of our other teams compete in games and meets against other schools. 

 The Athletic Programs for boys and girls in the 5th-8th grades includes:

The Morning Running Club (All School Year) 

Fall Season (August - November)
Boys Flag Football
Girls Volleyball
Boys and Girls Cross Country

Winter Athletics (November - March)
Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball

Spring Athletics (March - May)
Boys Volleyball
Girls Volleyball
Boys and Girls Morning Run Club (February - May)

Saint Andrew's Running Program 
NO FEE to run The Morning Running Club (All Year), Cross Country (Fall), and Track (Spring)
If you are running in the mornings, please sign up for the season(s) you will be running, the athletic department needs to have a form on file.
Running practices are on Tuesday and Thursday mornings throughout the school year, rain or shine. The workout is usually a run to Saratoga High School, a workout on the track or field, and then a run back to Saint Andrew's. They leave at exactly 7:00 am. Students should be in the gym ready to go between 6:45 and 6:55am. If raining they will have a workout on campus or in the gym. 

Saint Andrew's After School Athletics
After school athletics operates Monday's through Friday's starting at 3:15pm, and sometimes during the weekend for tournaments. We try to give each team one day off per week. Some weeks it could be two or three days off, depending on the game schedule. Practices and games are after school with various start times.

The fee for After School Athletics is $250.00 per season. This works out to about $4.00 - $5.00 per hour. This fee helps to cover the costs for coaches, referees, sports equipment, league and tournament fees.

There is a separate cost for team uniforms. The fee for the uniform will be between $55.00 to $140.00 depending on the sport. You will keep the uniform, so consider buying it large enough to use for at least two seasons.

The number of teams that are fielded in each sport is based on the number of students that sign up per class. If a class has a large number of participants and enough for two teams, we will follow the league rules and split them into two evenly skilled teams.

At the 5th and 6th grade levels, players are learning about the game and individual skills. At the 7th and 8th grade level, players work on teamwork and how to compete both individually and as a team.

Playing time is based on Attendance, Behavior, and Effort. See the athletic handbook for more details about playing time. 

Athletic Handbook and Regulations:
Please read the guidelines for school and after school athletics as stated in the Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School handbook prior to completing the Athletic Permission Form below.

All athletes and parents must agree to adhere to the stated rules to be part of the team. As detailed as these regulations and policies are, it is impossible to predict all possible scenarios and situations, by agreeing to be part of the Saint Andrew's after school athletics program, athletes agree to abide by these rules and any other rules that may be appropriate. 

Please note:  Practice is an essential part of the team experience.  Missing practice could affect the amount of playing time a player receives in the games.  If you are aware of a recurring conflict with the practice schedule, please let the coach and athletic director know by e-mail.

If you have any questions about the Athletic Programs please contact Mr. Scott at

Sports Waiver Form
All 5th - 8th graders must have a Sports Waiver Form on file with the school. These forms will be sent out electronically over the summer break.

Athlete's Full Name*
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy):*
Home Phone Number (including area code)*
Parent(s) email address for team roster:*

Please place a check next to the teams on which your child intends to participate:
The Morning Running Club (All Year)
Girls' Athletics
Volleyball (Fall)
Basketball (Winter)
Volleyball (Spring)
Boys' Athletics
Flag Football (Fall)
Basketball (Winter)
Volleyball (Spring)

Guardian's Name:*
Guardian's Phone Number:
Alternate Emergency Contact Name:*
Phone Number for Alternate Contact:*
Relationship of Alternate Contact to Athlete:*
Please list your child's medical conditions:
Physician's Name:*
Physician's Phone Number (including area code):*
Dentist's Name:*
Dentist's Phone Number (including area code):*
Medical Insurance Company:*
Medical Policy Number:*
Medical Group Number:*

I understand and my child understands that missing practice could affect the amount of playing time he/she receives in the games.*
Regulations: My child and I have read and agree to follow the guidelines for school and after school athletics as stated in the Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School Handbook.*

By providing my name and today's date in the space below, I hereby grant permission for my child to participate in the Saint Andrew's Athletics Program.
Name and Today's Date:*


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