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Extended Child Care Programs

In addition to our after school enrichment program, Saint Andrew's also offers child care at the following times to assist the parent community:

Morning Care
The Morning Care Program is committed to providing a positive, safe, and inclusive environment for students prior to the opening of school. The Morning Care Program is available to Saint Andrew's students from 7:00-8:00 AM Monday through Friday. Any student on campus before 8:00 AM must report to the supervised area in Mrs. Gwynne’s classroom, unless he/she is directly supervised by a parent or other adult. There is no charge for the Morning Care Program. All students are dismissed at 8:00 AM to go to their classes.
Standard After School Care 
After School Care is offered to all Saint Andrew’s students who need to remain at school beyond the close of regular classes at 3:00 PM. The basic after school program is open daily (Monday-Friday) from 3:00 until 6:00 PM when school is in session.

The program is operated on a “drop in” basis and students who need to stay are responsible to register daily on the lower playground area. All students who remain on campus after 3:20 PM and are not enrolled in a school sponsored activity, such as sports, are required to be supervised by our after school care staff. The charge for after care is included in your tuition.  
Parent's Evening Out
The regular After School Care closing time of 6:00 PM is extended until 8:30 PM one Friday per school year.  The program includes dinner, free play, games, crafts and  “G” rated movie.
Special Interest Classes
In addition to our basic program, we offer a wide variety of enrichment classes. These usually meet one day per week, for 30 to 90 minutes per meeting, depending on the class. If you are interested in having your child participate in an enrichment class, you must register and pay for each of the classes that you select.

Extended and All Day Care
Special full day programs are offered during Parent/Teacher Conference days and Faculty In-Service days.

Extended Care will be OPEN on the following days when school is not in regular session:
 Event Date Event Name Register By
August 30          
LS Back To School Night - Evening Care  Monday, August 27
September 6 MS Back To School Night - Evening Care  Friday, August 31
October 5
Parents Night Out  Monday, September 24
October 9 Faculty In-Service  Monday, October 1
November 1-2 Parent-Teacher Conference  Friday, October 26
November 20
Monday, November 12
February 15
 Friday, February 8
March 19  Monday, March 11
April 4-5 Parents-Teacher Conference
 Monday, March 25
May 20 Faculty In-Service
 Monday, May 13
June 3
Last Day of After School Care for 2018
All Day Care will be CLOSED on the following days when school is not in session:
September 3
Labor Day
October 8 Fall Holiday
November 21-23 Thanksgiving Break
December 20 Noon Dismissal after Lessons &Carols
December 21-Jan 4
Christmas Vacation Break
January 21 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
February 18-22
Winter Vacation Break
April 19 - April 26
Spring Vacation Break
May 27
Memorial Day
June 4
Noon Dismissal - end of year parties
June 5 11am Dismissal - last day of school
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