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Kindergarten fosters a whole-child education in a nurturing, supportive learning environment. Through interactive experiences, the curriculum engages young learners in foundational academic skills. Age-appropriate lessons and hands-on support encourage familiarity with the subjects that serve as the building blocks of a Saint Andrew’s education.
Kindergarteners collaborate in their daily learning, which also enriches their sense of community and trust during a pivotal time. In this important year, students fall in love with learning as they experience the joy of exploring their own creativity and growth. Throughout their Kindergarten year, children will accomplish the following goals and reach beyond them based on individual readiness. 

Language Arts
  • Experiences comprehensive introduction to phonetics and handwriting
  • Writing projects and daily reading establish simple understanding of language arts
  • Student performances encourage confidence in public speaking, collaboration, and self-expression
  • Recognizes concepts such as measurement and its practical applications for time and money
  • Exhibits clarity around numbers and shapes, as well as expanding knowledge of addition and subtraction
  • Discovers the world through investigation and inquiry, starting with daily objects
  • Understands the most fundamental physical processes: the power of the sun, the dual elements of “push and pull”
Social Studies
  • Learns about the importance of character and commitment through daily interactions
  • Grasps the role of rules in the classroom and society at large
  • Service Learning opportunities foster thinking beyond oneself
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