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Advisory System

Our Middle School Advisory Program supports students’ academic, social, and personal growth and helps guide them in becoming responsible members of the Saint Andrew’s community.

Each student is assigned to an advisor who oversees the general academic and social well-being of each student within an advising group of approximately ten students. In general, each advisor meet with his/her advising groups daily for discussions and group activities, and with individual students as needed. If difficulties arise, the advisor will contact the family directly and meet more frequently with the student.

Advisors also act as liaisons between home and school. To initiate this role, advisors meet with the students and parents at a special social event a few days prior to school’s start. New Saint Andrew’s families have an additional opportunity to meet the advisors face-to-face as well. Parents have opportunities to meet with advisors at Back to School Night and at the Parent-Teacher conferences. Ongoing communication between the advisor and the family continues throughout the year. In addition, advisors support students in initiating meetings with teachers when necessary and help students think through any issues or concerns that arise during the school day.

Goals of the Advisory Program

  • Provide an opportunity to interact and form bonds with students outside the pre-existing peer group 
  • Encourage open and respectful conversations about personal and school-related issues 
  • Provide an opportunity for students to develop a relationship with one adult who gets to know the whole student and in whom students can confide 
  • Facilitate communication between parent and school
  • Teach organization, time and stress management, setting priorities 
  • Foster good communication skills to help students become strong self-advocates 
  • Discuss the Character Counts! pillars and explore how they relate to grade-specific issues and events 
  • Support healthy behaviors 
  • Explore ethical issues, clarify values, empower students to make the right choices 
  • Encourage exploration and acceptance of differences among people 
  • Create experiential learning opportunities away from Saint Andrew’s campus to enhance in-class curriculum; e.g. Eighth Grade Advisories visit Washington D.C to learn first hand about history and government
  • Develop age-appropriate community service activities
  • Direct students to appropriate sources of information

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