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Seventh Grade

Seventh grade is a year of choices. Students continue to hone their organization, study and time management skills whilst increasing their critical thinking prowess. Studies in science include plant and animal life, anatomy, cellular biology and energy. Mathematics is tracked and students are placed in one of our pre-Algebra, Algebra or Geometry classes. In English, students read, write, create, think, listen and speak in order to become effective communicators and more intelligent, confident and compassionate persons. Spanish is part of the core curriculum so students continue to hone their written and conversational skills. Seventh graders enhance their knowledge of world history through their study of medieval through early modern times. They analyze the growth of philosophy, study geography and examine political and governmental structures that influenced cultural exchange, exploration and enlightenment. Physical education, technology, music, art and religion are vital components that enhance our core curriculum. A highlight of the seventh grade year is a three-day overnight trip to Monterey.

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