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Imagine the Possibilities

The Imagine The Possibilities capital campaign to acquire the woodland property is a community-wide effort to better position the school and church for the next fifty years and beyond. The acquisition of the three acre property next door is the most critical and urgent aspect of our future development. It is the foundation upon which Saint Andrew’s will envision the next phase of our growth and Imagine The Possibilities for the future. The campaign has the strong support of the Saint Andrew's Joint Executive Committee made up of Khadija Fredericks, Head of School; Rev. Channing Smith, Rector;  Dana Benyo, President, Board of Trustees and Ann Wright, Senior Warden.  
Our school’s mission to educate the whole student, our church ministries, and our community are healthy and strong. We are well positioned to take advantage of good fortune when it presents itself, as is the case today. We have a new opportunity before us to purchase the adjacent property and expand our campus, which will open up a plethora of possibilities for the future of Saint Andrew’s. Our unique community and our school’s academic excellence has been made possible by the forethought of our founding members whose ongoing efforts to expand have provided the facilities and land that we currently occupy. However, even now, space is in high demand. Our school and church have maximized the use of every available room. Today, we are presented with a singular and urgent possibility to build on the history of Saint Andrew’s founding members as well as resolve our need for additional space. The opportunity to purchase the neighboring three-acre property has presented itself to us.
Acquiring the adjacent property provides immediate opportunities for program enhancement and will enable Saint Andrew’s to develop a new vision for an expanded campus measuring over ten acres.The peaceful surrounding of the oak woodland as part of our Saint Andrew’s grounds will strengthen character development and will also set us apart from other schools located in more urban surroundings by providing spaces for outdoor learning where creativity and invention come alive, and moments of reflection and contemplation are encouraged. By adding the dimension of outdoor learning spaces and acquiring more room to grow, our school will be better positioned to sustain full enrollment, will increase our appeal to the community, and will accommodate enhancement of educational programs without increasing class size.

Previous Campaigns for Saint Andrew's

Capital campaigns generally are the result of focused strategic planning that looks at long-term growth and program development. Schools tend to conduct capital campaigns once or twice a decade.

We are fortunate for the many improvements to the school such as Crestbrook Field, The Hall and The Center that were made possible by generous donations to the campaign Building a Brighter Future. Significant leadership giving has made it possible for us to enjoy Saint Andrew's new facilities including:

Crestbrook Field
Created a large park-like open space including softball diamond, large grass field, field house with bathrooms picnic area, playground and basketball courts.
The Hall
Provided Saint Andrew's with a large an very flexible gathering space with a state of the art kitchen, basketball and volleyball home games in regulation size spaces and enhanced performing arts space.
The Center
Large multi-purpose room for informal gatherings, meetings and performances near Oak Tree Plaza, with a specially designed nursery.

Thank you so much to the generous donors to Building a Brighter Future Campaign:
Hubert B. Allen
The Bourne Foundation
Ernest and Jill Cockrell
Conant Family
Fish Family
Hendon Family
George Jones Family
Kottmeier/Ramar Family
Latta Family
Maxfield Family
Parents Association Board
Palmer Family
Patti Pollack Family
Robert Pollack Family
Sasahara Family
Jack Smith Family
The Vestry
Von Gehr Family
Hugh and Carol Wright Family

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