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Endowment Funds at Saint Andrew's

Annual Funds are gifts expended each year in support of the general operating budget of the school. Endowment funds insure the long-term sustainability of Saint Andrew's for future generations. We currently have two endowment funds:

The Lani Mah Endowment for Tuition Assistance
Like most independent schools, we believe that offering need based Tuition Assistance is a vital part of our mission, as we seek to educate the next generation and fulfill the mission of the school. Every Saint Andrew's family invests in their children's education to the extent they are able and therefore contributes to the overall health of the school. During the 2015-16 school year, Saint Andrew's awarded $452,078 in tuition assistance to 44 students and 33 families, representing 11.6%% of the overall student body. Tuition assistance awards range in size from 10% to 75% with the average grant approximately $10,274 of tuition and fees, including after care, field trips and other programs.

The Sally Branon Endowment for Teacher Excellence
Gifts to this fund assist with specific teacher needs not already included in the school’s annual operating budget. Such needs include, and are not limited to, continuing education, seminars, training, special program materials, equipment, relocation assistance. This fund was named to honor the memory of Sally Branon who served as assistant to the Head of School from 1972 to 2006.

Why is the Endowment Fund important?

Donations given to the SAES Endowment Funds generate interest and dividend income that is used to support our school. Endowments provide a permanent and ongoing source of revenue and improve the ability of the Board of Trustees to plan for long-term financial health of the school.

How are the Saint Andrew's Episcopal Schools Endowment Funds Managed?

Management of our Endowment Funds follow best practices of accounting and reporting, as established by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), allowing SAES current and future needs to be met through careful, thoughtful, and informed supervision of the finance and investment committees of the Board of Trustees.

How Can I Help?

If you would like to help sustain the long-term financial health of Saint Andrew's Episcopal School by supporting our endowment, please contact the Development Office.

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