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Camp EDMO multiple classes for PreK-2nd Grade
Every EDMO360 After School program incorporates the latest educational approaches, aligns with STEAM learning and is designed to cultivate 21st Century Life Skills, like curiosity, confidence, kindness, creativity, and collaboration. Each uniquely themed, hands-on science, maker or technology After School program is age appropriate and fully customized to your schools organization calendar. Programs are designed by Edventure More for PreK-2nd Grade.
Fall Session 1 Thursdays
Space Explorers: (PreK-2nd Grade) Bridges, Catapults and Parachutes OH MY! Get hands-on with the laws of motion while exploring some of the fantastic Da Vinci inventions that still inspire how the world today is built and moves. As our youngest inventors build gadgets that swing, rolland launch, they'll be introduced to some of the simple concepts behind design thinking, architecture and mechanical engineering that they can use to continue inventing on their own.
Winter Session 2  Thursdays:
Sensory Scientist: (PreK-2nd Grade) Power up for our study of renewable energy and electricity and the ways we get from here to there. In our Energy Engineers program, students will explore models of transportation and how we use the energy of our world to make them go. By discovering all the ways we use energy today to power our cars, trucks and planes, students will look to the future and design and build new ways to get around town that use more and more sources of renewable energy.
Spring Session 3 Thursdays:
Dino Discovery: (PreK-2nd Grade) Get up and get down with flying bugs, burrowing worms and creepy crawlers! Students will take a closer look at how these fascinating tiny creatures have adapted to their environment. From spiders to fireflies, beetles to butterflies; students will collect, observe and make art to learn about their unique features, how they travel, what they eat and what essential role each plays in our world's ecosystem.


After School Enrichment Programs

Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School has partnered with industry leading organizations to offer a robust menu of optional after school activities that complement our academic program and further our mission to educate the whole child.  Students can choose from a variety of challenging and unique enrichment activities taught by professional instructors without ever leaving campus.
For more information about any of our after school enrichment opportunities, please contact After School Activities Director Chris Scott (Saint Andrew's also offers child care before school and on certain days when school is not in session.)
              Engineering for Kids
             The Green Room - Theatre & Dance and Creative Writing workshops   
As additional programs become available, they will be announced to the parent community.
We'll be hosting a Program Fair the evening of Lower School Back to School Night to introduce the instructors and vendors to the community.

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