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The Finch Takes Flight!

Collaborative space for creative writing, journalism, art, and narratives

The Middle School Writing Club is proud to announce the online writing platform, The Finch. This collaborative space is where published pieces of creative writing, journalism, art and narratives from the Writing Club are shared with the community and wider world.

The purpose of the website is to celebrate the bravery and creativity of Saint Andrew’s Middle School writers and the teams of volunteers who edit, illustrate, and publish the work. This space is theirs to build and inspire as part of our rooted and loving school community, while also celebrating that, like all birds, they must someday fly away and find new trees. We are proud of our middle school writers. We will save the work they publish here, and will celebrate the new contributions of future writers for years to come. The names of our authors, editors and illustrators are pseudonymous, but the work is authentically their own. Enjoy The Finch!


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