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Saint Andrew's Episcopal School
students working on cutting in art class with teacher assisting

Lower School (Grades 1-5)

Lower School Educators develop an unstoppable love of learning in our students through a complete, balanced, and inspiring curriculum.

During Lower School, students gain confidence and gradually learn to take greater responsibility for their own learning. They experience an increasing sense of personal accomplishment and a growing awareness of their own learning styles becomes a focus as they begin to grow in knowledge and compassion, awareness, and self-esteem. 

During these years, the students:

  • explore a variety of topics through reading and writing
  • employ various problem-solving strategies and explain their mathematical thinking
  • question, observe, and analyze through experimentation, and research 
  • study history and geography
  • practice the vocabulary, phrases, and beginning conversational skills of Spanish through games, songs, projects, and role-playing 
  • grow in their knowledge of different world faiths and traditions
  • learn how to utilize technology as a tool for finding information and expressing their thoughts and ideas 
  • express their creativity through visual and performing arts
  • develop their gross motor skills and sportsmanship
  • learn about their emotions and identity
  • build community with their peers
As students grow in maturity, their opportunities to interact with the larger school grows as well. Beginning in the third grade students can join The Garden Club and Lower School Choir, run for Student Council, or be part of the school Spring Musical. In fifth grade, they transition from being a 'little buddy’ to taking on the role of a 'big buddy’ to an eager Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten friend.

The Lower School has many special traditions throughout the year including the Book Fair, Spirit Days, Buddy Lunch, Harvest Festival, Pizza Bingo, and Field Day.

A Day In The Life Of Lower School

Kids giving each other a high-five

All students, Pre-K through Grade 5, study Spanish. In Pre-K, the class meets weekly. Kindergarten through Grade 5 students meet twice each week.

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Language Arts

In Lower School, we believe language is the core of communication, thinking, feeling, and making sense of ourselves and our world.

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Students visit the library on a weekly basis for literature-enriched experiences that focus on the joy of reading and the selection and use of books for research and pleasure.

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Lower school students grow to be well-rounded mathematicians who see themselves as capable practitioners of mathematics.

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In Lower School Music, students explore the many different elements of music, including dynamics, melody, rhythm, tone color, harmony, musical styles, and audience/ performance skills.

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Physical Education

Our Lower School physical education program is designed to develop confident, skilled movers who find enjoyment in participating in physical activity. It emphasizes building healthy, strong bodies and lifestyles.

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Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School provides an opportunity for its students to consider the spiritual aspects of life and learning.

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Our Saint Andrew’s science curriculum aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) developed by the National Science Teachers Association.

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Social Studies

Social studies at Saint Andrew’s inspires and equips students to thoughtfully explore the complexities of the human experience.

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All students, Pre-K through Grade 5, study Spanish. In Pre-K, the class meets weekly. Kindergarten through Grade 5 students meet twice each week.

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