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Saint Andrew's Episcopal School

Beyond The Classroom

students enjoying the outdoor deck

Our wholehearted approach to learning extends beyond the classroom.

Saint Andrew’s offers a broad array of co-curricular and enrichment programs to provide an additional outlet for creativity, self-discovery, and innovation for students of all ages. 

Clubs, Athletics, and More

Students can...

  • Represent the school in interscholastic sports on 20 different teams.
  • Tread the boards in our annual spring musical.
  • Try an instrument for the first time or develop their proficiency as a multi-instrumentalist.
  • Contribute art, poetry, and essays to the literary site.
  • Work on the yearbook.
  • Serve as an admission ambassador.
  • Join a choir
  • Be part of the Student Council.

Throughout the year they can and will also become engaged in a multitude of community service initiatives both locally and abroad.  

I really appreciated that at Saint Andrew's I could try so many different things. By the time I got to high school, I knew that I wanted to try out for volleyball and get involved in student leadership.

Trips and After-School Enrichment

Domestic overnight trips, the opportunity to travel internationally, and After-School Enrichment programs expand the possibilities of the Saint Andrew's student experience, such as:

  • Chess
  • LEGO Robotics
  • Golf 
  • Mad Scientist 
  • Yoga

Students find that by getting involved on campus they meet other students, develop leadership and organizational skills, discover new talents, step out of their comfort zone, build confidence, and most importantly, have fun! 

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