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Saint Andrew's Episcopal School
Students sitting in chapel

We welcome people of all faiths, identities, and walks of life.

Since its founding, Saint Andrew’s has maintained a commitment to developing the spiritual life of each student. Our twice-weekly Chapel reinforces the sacred in ourselves and everything around us and encourages taking time to pause, reflect and appreciate personal truth and life’s authentic joys. It develops mindfulness and a deeper connection with individual spirituality and respect and care for others.

In Chapel, students can consider how they can lead lives of purpose, faith, and integrity

Students participating in chapel services

Influenced by the Episcopal Church’s wide-open embrace of all people and all walks of life, Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School is an intentionally pluralistic and inclusive community that welcomes students of all faith traditions, backgrounds, and identities. We celebrate and honor the wisdom and beauty that all religions have to offer and we affirm the unique worth of every human being. We value human reason, independent and critical thinking, scientific endeavor, and the freedom of religious conscience. We invite all members of our community to seek clarity about their own beliefs and values and to honor their traditions more fully and faithfully in their own lives.

We gather as a community for prayer, songs, and reflection on Biblical writings and how we might live lives of virtue and service to others. We raise issues and concerns which exist both inside and outside the school as we practice respect and compassion. Our chaplains, guest speakers, and students present the Chapel theme for the day. Students serve as acolytes, share music, and offer reflections.

You are always welcome at any of our Chapel services. Our chaplain is also happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.