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CAMP EDMO Class Descriptions

Every EDMO360 After School program incorporates the latest educational approaches, aligns with STEAM learning and is designed to cultivate 21st Century Life Skills, like curiosity, confidence, kindness, creativity, and collaboration. Each uniquely themed, hands-on science, maker or technology After School program is age appropriate and fully customized to your schools organization calendar. Programs are designed by Edventure More for Saint Andrew's Episcopal School students only for PreK-2nd Grade3rd-5th Grade, and 6th-8th Grade. (To register for a class, click the appropriate link from the previous sentence based on your child's grade). 
Fall Session 1 Wednesdays
Space Explorers: (PreK-2nd Grade) Blast off with EDMO and explore our amazing universe! Students will complete introductory maker activities that investigate the beauty of our solar system and experiment with the principles of flight. Imagination and design skill will be in full force as we repurpose household materials to create rockets, unique planets and our very own UFOs.
Winter Session 2  Wednesdays:
Sensory Scientists: (PreK-2nd Grade) Enter into an exciting world of making and experiments that will activate all of your senses! In our Sensory Scientists program, students will make and experiment with different objects that activate their senses to help them understand the world world around them and how it works. Design and make kinetic sand, electromagnetic slime, and create all kinds of other experiences to light up your brain! 
Spring Session 3 Wednesdays:
Dinosaur Discovery: (PreK-2nd Grade) Travel back in time to a place where dinosaurs ruled the Earth. These creatures roamed the  earth millions of years ago and their descendants still live on today! The students will discover everything there is to know about dinosaurs. We will uncover fossils, learn the basics of paleontology, and understand what life was like for animals in prehistoric times.
Fall Session 1 Wednesdays: 
Game Design Lab  (3rd Grade-5th Grade) Design, code, and perfect your very own video game! Students in the Game Design Lab will plan and develop a video game, including he code used to define the rules and mechanics of the game, as well as the art work for their game's characters, objects, and environments.

Winter Session 2 Wednesdays:
Sound Engineer (3rd-5th Grade) Explore the universe of sound and become a sound engineer! In our Sound Engineers program, students will learn how to design and make their very own instruments! Through the making of these instruments students will learn how sound travels and the many different ways humans have learned to produce sound. Have the next great beat or melody in mind? Join us and become the next great sound engineer.
Spring Session 3 Wednesdays:
Game Design Lab (3rd-5th Grade) Design, code, and perfect your very own video game! Students in the Game Design Lab will plan and develop a video game, including he code used to define the rules and mechanics of the game, as well as the art work for their game's characters, objects, and environments.n our Tricks and Treats program, students will learn how chemistry is involved in the cooking process and how chemical reaction transforms our kitchen ingredients into delicious meals and treats. Students will be introduced to acid/base reactions and how the structure of molecules change when heat or cold is applied in baking, cooking or freezing. Students will use acids, bases, catalysts and enzymes to "cook" some treats and learn the tricks of chemistry along the way.
Friday Fall Session 1
Minecraft (6th-8th Grade):  Students will learn the fundamentals of computer science, using real-world coding languages. Create customized arcade games, trivia challenges, web apps, and more;all while learning the basics of coding! This is a self paced program that allows students to jump into one of three coding environments based on their experience level. These environments include:
  • Scratch: A "drag-and-drop" style coding environment for beginners to create interactive scenes and basic games
  • WoofJS: A hybrid of "drag and drop" and fully typed-out code, acting as a kind of "stepping stone" from Scratch to JavaScript
  • JavaScript: Advanced students can use this complete coding language to create complex games and web apps.
Throughout the course, students can choose from many self-guided projects and our instructors are available to guide them and provide one-on-one assistance on whatever project they are building.
Fridays Winter Session 2
Web Master (6th-8th Grade): Design, write and create content for your own custom WordPress website! Students will use WordPress to design websites that build community service and generate public awareness. During this process, they'll explore and promote positive themes such as being an upstander, digital citizenship and how to convey a positive message via website development and design projects.
Friday Spring Session 3
Roblox Game Builder (6th-8th Grade): Learn how to create totally custom 3D games in Roblox! Roblox is a popular platform for creating multiplayer 3D game worlds. In this program, students will be learning the basics of 3D modeling and coding to design, build, and program a range of mini-games in Roblox.

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