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The spiritual identity of Saint Andrew’s is grounded in the Christian faith, expressed through the liturgy and tradition of the Episcopal Church. We are an institution whose spiritual self-understanding is Christian, but also a place where students of all faiths are welcomed, respected and loved. Our Chapel program exposes our students' to the beliefs and holy days of a number of major religious traditions.

Students attend chapel twice weekly: Tuesday and Wednesday by grade levels, plus an all school chapel on Thursday. Chapel is a time for prayer, song and reflection. Students may participate as acolytes, readers and musicians.

Through exposure to and participation in a worship service, they are provided with the opportunity to enhance the spiritual dimension of their own lives and to ask: What do I believe and why? What are the faith beliefs that guide and direct my life? What are the virtues, principles and values that serve as the basis on which I conduct my life?

Another very important and meaningful aspect of Chapel is the opportunity it provides us to gather as a school community and to join together for a shared experience. This time provides our students with a sense of belonging, and enables them to experience the fact that they belong to a body greater than themselves.

Chapel provides the occasion for celebrating the positive contributions, accomplishments and joys of our school community, as well as sharing as a community in the discouraging, disappointing and sad events that occur in our lives. In addition, Chapel provides our students with the opportunity to learn that God calls us to recognize, affirm and celebrate our own gifts as well as the gifts and accomplishments of others, and to learn that the obstacles we experience can become opportunities for positive growth.

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