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Our Mission

The mission of Saint Andrew's Episcopal School is to offer an enriched curriculum within the tradition and values of the Episcopal Church. We aim to educate the whole student, developing as fully as possible the intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social capacities of each student. 

Strategic Plan


Our mission is at the center of all that we do.  Saint Andrew’s delivers a world-class academic program, with state-of-the-art technology, in a manner that addresses the whole child. The following principles guide us as we fulfill our mission:

  • In addition to teaching essential academic skills, Saint Andrew’s prepares students to be leaders in the 21st century by challenging them to think independently and achieve their full potential.
  • Saint Andrew’s provides a varied curriculum to develop the whole child and create children of character who become contributing members of society.
  • We value our diverse community of students, teachers, parents, alumni, and friends and our connection with Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church. Saint Andrew’s is an open and inclusive community that celebrates inquiry and spiritual development, and practices a life of service.
  • Design and maintain a state-of-the art learning environment to support academic, whole child, and community growth.
  • Ensure financial stability, sustainability, and oversight to maintain long-term financial viability.

We are committed to continually improving the school for future generations and achieving the goals set forth in this Strategic Plan.

Develop the Whole Child
Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School aims to educate the whole child, developing as fully as possible the intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social capacities of each student. To further this goal, the School will:
  • Continue to be a leader in character education and development.
  • Encourage the emotional and spiritual growth of all of our students through instruction, reflection and worship.
  • Promote self-expression, curiosity, and creativity in the classroom and beyond.
  • Form strategic alliances with organizations that enhance student learning through active participation in thoughtfully developed field experiences and service opportunities.
  • Coordinate optional, age-appropriate extra-curricular programs that complement learning objectives, allow students to further develop current skills, and discover new interests.

Provide World-Class Academic Programs

Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School is a preeminent Pre-K through 8th grade learning institution that will continue to:

  • Provide a superior academic foundation and nurture the essential skills needed to prepare students to be lifelong learners.
  • Offer a dynamic, engaging, and rigorous 21stcentury academic curricula that prepares students to adapt and succeed in a rapidly evolving world.
  • Develop an innovative excellence in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), language arts, cross-cultural studies, and environmental sustainability education.
  • Continue to build a technology-immersive learning atmosphere that stimulates imagination, critical thinking, curiosity, and collaboration.
  • Use a variety of developmentally appropriate methods to assess students’ performance in their pursuit of academic excellence.
  • Seek, embrace, and share best teaching practices and facilitate continuous professional development.
  • Emphasize the on-going review of the curriculum, technology, and schedule.

Ensure Financial Stability

To ensure the future of Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School, its long-term financial viability must be sustained. To do this, the School will:

  • Protect the relationship between tuition and the costs of providing our world-class academics and whole child education while maintaining enrollment at targeted capacity.
  • Implement and maintain best practices in financial management including risk management, cash/investment management, and internal control structure.
  • Maintain competitive salary and benefits packages for the faculty, staff, and administration as a means of attracting and retaining highly qualified and superior talent.
  • Actively monitor the short and long-term capital and operational investments required to build and maintain modern and appropriate school facilities.
  • Quantify and effectively communicate financial requirements underlying strategic goals to inspire stakeholders to expand annual giving, endowments, grants, capital campaign funds, and other non-tuition sources of revenue.
  • Expand the school’s financial planning horizon to align with Strategic Planning and provide insights into how Board and Management priorities will be financed.

Cultivate Community

Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School recognizes the importance of connections between families, the School, the Church, and the greater community. Nurturing our inclusive and welcoming community, the School will continue to:

  • Create opportunities for the greater Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School community of students, parents, teachers, alumni, and friends to work together to support educational and social activities.
  • Promote a strong relationship between Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School and Church through opportunities for communication, service, and philanthropy.
  • Understand, appreciate, and support the racial, ethnic, cultural, religious, physical, gender, orientation, and socioeconomic diversity of our community.
  • Develop environmentally and socially conscious children who make their communities stronger by giving back to the world around them.
  • Inspire a culture of giving wherein the value of philanthropy is clearly defined and the benefits of those gifts are clearly visible to the community.

Provide a State-of-the-Art Learning Environment

The campus, with its facilities, the tools and technologies within them, and outdoor areas, defines the learning environment and sets the stage for personal growth and shaping experiences. To further the ongoing development of exceptional, whole-child education, Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School will:

  • Continually assess and improve the learning environment by renovating existing facilities and integrating relevant technology to enhance the educational experience.
  • In partnership with the Church, initiate capital campaigns to acquire the neighboring property and to improve, maintain, and endow facilities.
  • Demonstrate leadership in the community by incorporating advanced technology and progressive environmental policies for all construction and operations.

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