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The Saint Andrew's Middle School academic program is designed to build on the foundation students have acquired in Lower School and prepare them for a lifetime of educational opportunities. Saint Andrew's 'whole child' curriculum addresses intellectual, social/emotional, aesthetic/creative, physical, and ethical development.
By offering a broad combination of academics, the arts, religion, athletics, community service and social experiences in an engaging, challenging, and developmentally appropriate manner, Saint Andrew's Episcopal School seeks to inspire active learners who think critically and take intellectual risks.  Our program emphasizes the acquisition of skills and attitudes that allow our students to express ideas effectively and to solve problems both independently and collaboratively. 
Our faculty and staff are deeply committed to supporting the development of our students as scholars and caring, respectful human beings.  Students work harder, achieve more, and treat each other with a higher level of dignity when they and their efforts are visibly and consistently encouraged and valued.  To foster this we provide meaningful lessons, high standards, and a nurturing community that when combined bring forth the best in our students.


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