Fourth Grade
Saint Andrew's Episcopal School
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Fourth Grade

Fourth grade is an exciting time for children as they become more responsible and take greater ownership of their learning. Having now mastered foundational skills in both language arts and mathematics, fourth grade writing becomes more content-rich with vivid vocabulary, and they transition to more complex two- and three-digit mathematical computations. With their growing independence comes more opportunities to work on projects at their own pace, as well as in small, self-directed groups.

Language Arts
  • Develop vocabulary and comprehension skills through reading and analyzing high-quality literature including "Island of the Blue Dolphins", "Tucket’s Travels", and "By the Great Horn Spoon"
  • Build confidence in utilizing the steps of the writing process to express themselves through narrative, expository, persuasive, and descriptive writing styles
  • Compare and convert decimals and fractions as well as add and subtract them
  • Multiply multi-digit numbers by two-digit numbers, understanding the concept of place value
  • Divide larger multi-digit numbers by one-digit numbers, understanding the concept of place value
  • Build on systemic thinking skills through hands-on exploration of topics including Processes that Shape the Earth, Waves and Earthquakes, Ecosystems, and Engineering Design
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skill to perform scientific investigations and apply knowledge to answer questions such as: How can water, ice, wind and vegetation change the land? What patterns of Earth's features can be determined with the use of maps? What are waves and what are some things they can do? What are renewable and nonrenewable resources and how do they affect our environment?
Social Studies
  • Discover California's regional geography, resources and history
  • Research native California peoples and the development of the mission system
  • Experience life as a hopeful miner seeking gold and a new life through an immersive 2-day field trip to Gold Country
As with all of Lower School, students are very fortunate to have a variety of enrichment classes incorporated into each day of school. Instruction in Spanish, music, art, physical education, technology, religion and library occur regularly throughout the academic week. 

During fourth grade, students continue to develop special interests and take on additional leadership through participation in extracurricular activities including Student Council, Lower School Choir, Garden Club, Book Club and the Spring Musical.

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