Second Grade
Saint Andrew's Episcopal School
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Second grade

Second grade continues to build on the foundational skills of the prior two years to cultivate a deeper sense of confidence and independence in the classroom. Students engage with various curriculum materials and with each other to expand their knowledge across subject areas.

In second grade, students learn about the world from an interdisciplinary lens, whether it be exploring their shared heritage in the social studies class, to mixing mediums in art class, or conducting science research in the library. This holistic approach instills a broader perspective on learning that translates into lifelong inquiry. Second graders meet the following learning goals throughout the year:

Language Arts
  • Become familiar with a three step writing process and the development of a solid paragraph
  • Practice fluent reading across many genres through teacher supported reading, shared reading, and independent reading
  • Engage in word analysis, study rich content-related vocabulary, and participate in differentiated word study to identify various spelling patterns
  • Solidify strategies and develop fluency with addition and subtraction facts
  • Explore place value using numbers into the 10,000s
  • Solve addition and subtraction of two and three-digit numbers (both with and without regrouping) and approach multiplication and division concepts
  • Deepen understanding of skills around measurement, time, money, and geometry
  • Learns about earth and life science by observing plant life, pollinators, and insects
  • Experiences light and sound by studying topics like wave energy and echolocation
Social Studies
  • Conduct research and reporting of family history and heritage, including the completion of an ancestor interview, a family shield, among other cultural projects that come together in a Heritage Report
  • Develop a deeper understanding of historic figures through the reading of biographies
  • Explore the functions and responsibilities of a city government and of a bank
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