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Annual Fund

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Each year the Head of School and Board of Trustees collaborate on one of their most important goals- ensuring the financial health of Saint Andrew’s.

As partners, they are diligent in budgeting processes and are proud to steward a strong and financially stable school. A vital component of the school's budget each year is the Annual Fund. The most commonly asked question about the Annual Fund is “Why not just raise the tuition to cover all of the school’s expenses.” Each year, we do increase tuition. But it’s crucial to strike a balance that keeps a Saint Andrew’s education accessible to a large and diverse range of students. This is where the Annual Fund comes in bridging the gap between tuition and the actual cost of the educational experience we provide. The Annual Fund is not just supplemental, it is an essential part of our budget.

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With Gratitude From Development:

Your donation, when added to those of other Saint Andrew’s parents, trustees, alumni and friends, has a significant impact on the school. Your participation encourages others to give, helps the school access sources of funds outside the community, and demonstrates that the Saint Andrew’s community is committed to the school, its mission, and its students. Your donation supports Saint Andrew’s mission to educate the whole student, developing as fully as possible the intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social capacities of each student.

For the 2022-2023 year, contributions to the Annual Fund accounted for five and a half percent of the schools operating budget. That five and a half percent not only helps keep tuition at an affordable level – which promotes a diverse student body– but also sustains our dedicated teachers’ salaries and enables us to purchase specialized supplies for our art and music studios, equip our science labs, and fuel all of our core academic programs.