Third Grade
Saint Andrew's Episcopal School
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Third Grade

Third grade is a year full of exploration, creativity and collaboration. Students experience a marked growth in self-reliance, resilience, and initiative to become intrinsically motivated learners. They foster an increased sense of responsibility through the daily habit of individual study. This age-appropriate independence translates to each subject. For example, in library, they learn how to select books for their reading level. Third graders master the following skills throughout the year and often exceed these expectations based on their individual academic readiness:

Language Arts
  • Builds reading comprehension skills and reading fluency through study of novels from Charlotte’s Web to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and utilization of SRA Imagine It!
  • Advances their expressive reading, writing, and vocabulary through creative assignments
  • Understands basic concepts for geometric shapes, fractions, decimals, probability, and word problems
  • Masters addition and subtraction facts; begins memorizing multiplication and division facts
  • Builds on systemic thinking skills through hands-on exploration of topics including Earth and Beyond, Energy and Forces, Engineering, and Adaptation
  • Demonstrates critical thinking skill to perform scientific investigations and apply knowledge to solve problems of a changing world
Social Studies 
  • Explores the different kinds of communities, landscapes and natural environments
  • Develops a deeper understanding of historic figures, events, and movement of people
  • Understands the importance of local, state, and national governments
Students are very fortunate to have a variety of enrichment classes incorporated into each day of school. Instruction in Spanish, music, art, physical education, technology, religion and library occur regularly throughout the academic week. 
During third grade, students also undertake an important transition in their roles at school. They elect representatives to the Lower School Student Council, they have the opportunity to participate in both the Lower School Choir and the Spring Musical, and they take sole leadership of Saint Andrew’s nativity play, which is performed at the annual Lessons and Carols service.

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